Indie game Antichamber has sold 100k units

Steam title Antichamber has done pretty well for itself since its release in June.

Creator Alexander Bruce told Polygon that the game has sold 100,000 units on Valve’s platform. And for those thinking 100k is not an impressive number – we can assure you it’s far in excess of some console game sales in the same period.

"It only recently hit 100K, but I knew how it was going, because in the first week alone, it did pretty phenomenal," Bruce stated. "I think even the first 24 hours blew some people’s expectations out of the water for what this game was going to sell, which is why I was always so cautious of setting any sales expectations for it."

Interestingly, despite the success the dev has enjoyed with the game Bruce confessed that he’s actually on the hunt for a development job at a larger studio.

"I don’t want to jump back into another independent thing, and spend the next seven years obsessing about something, because I’ve been doing that for so long, and I kind of feel like doing something else," Bruce said.

"When I was developing Antichamber, I feel like I got into a bubble where everything I was learning was only applicable to Antichamber, and that I’d be screwed if I tried to make any other game.”

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