Indies furious over Old Republic collector’s edition

Independent games retailers are in uproar having missed out on stocking the GAME-exclusive 130 edition of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The monthly subscription-based PC MMO developed by BioWare and published by EA hit stores as early as December 15th. The collector’s edition – featuring a statue, map, journal, metal case, soundtrack and extra in-game content – was exclusive to GAME.

I cannot believe it,” Simon Mitchell from Eclipse Home Entertainment told MCV. I am so mad. I had customers asking about this and now they’re going to shop elsewhere. Even if I had only sold five of the collector’s editions, that’s five customers who might not come back.

But it’s not GAME’s fault. Just give me a level playing field.”

Store manager Julie White from That’z Entertainment in Romford added: It’s unfair the collector’s edition is only available at GAME and Gamestation. We would’ve got more orders. And it means I’ve lost 130 ten or 12 times. It’s absolute madness.”

Others are more understandable of the exclusive SKU.

CHIPS MD Don McCabe told MCV: As long as we had the standard edition, I might not be happy about it, but I understand it. What pisses me off big style is a complete lockout which is market abuse.

The Skyrim guide was only available to GAME and I find that completely out of order."

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