INTERVIEW: Dr Tanya Byron

Dr. Tanya Byron, the author of the Government’s Review of violence in video games, has told MCV that the current system for rating games poses problems to both the industry and the consumer.

When asked if the PEGI/BBFC rating process might have to change, she answered: It’s something I’m thinking about. Lots of parents have emailed me saying they are confused by this system.

"Can these people really feel supported by a system that has a statutory and non-statutory aspect to it? That’s a very difficult situation to put retailers in as well.

There’s no good clear information in shops to really help people understand this. That’s not a criticism of retailers. I’m putting this to the industry as a whole and saying: ‘How do you want to educate your consumers better, so they can see that you take the safety and wellbeing of young consumers seriously?’ That’s the only way to challenge the unfair, very negative press you get, often through the tabloids.”

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