Is Tesco the home of game advertising?

We compare last year’s TV marketing activity for games retailers including Tesco, GAME and Sainsbury’s.

After GAME?entered administration, competition began in earnest to claim a portion of its market share.Perhaps boldest of the new ‘pretenders’ was Tesco, with its claim to be ‘The Home of Gaming’. But has its previous TV ad activity been consistent with this claim?

In 2011 only three retailers advertised games and consoles campaigns, of which GAME was the only specialist. There were many campaigns that were retailer tagged that we haven’t included in this analysis.The first chart below demonstrates the number of TVRs achieved by each retailer across the year, and the share of retailer TV activity this represents. One TVR represents one per cent of a target audience.

Tesco came out on top, with 16 per cent more activity than GAME and 264 per cent more than Sainsbury’s.

Eight Tesco campaigns ran in 2011, four times as many as GAME and Sainsbury’s. Of these, there were campaigns for individual titles such as Skylanders and Call of Duty.

GAME and Sainsbury’s supported only consoles and ran more generic branding exercises.

The Home of Gaming? Hmm. The home of gaming advertising? Well, probably.

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