Jonathan Blow’s The Witness releases next week

The Witness will be released on PS4 and PC on Tuesday January 26th, priced at a not inconsiderable 30.

Mind you, considering that it has been in development for the best part of eight years, that price is perhaps not unreasonable. After all, is there a reason why indie games should by default be ‘cheap’? Especially when they potentially run at round the 100-hour mark, as Blow has indicated is the case here.

A pound can be saved on PC by buying the title from the Humble Store. Development of the title has been completely self-funded.

Blow’s first title, Braid, was one of the first standout indie hits of the modern digital gaming generation. It was also prominently featured, alongside Blow, in Indie Game the Movie along with Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes’ Super Meat Boy and Phil Fish’s Fez.

Blow has cited Myst as an inspiration for many elements that can be found in The Witness. It features an open-world and fragmented narrative.

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