Konami: Saw is not a cash-in

Konami has dismissed accusations that Saw: The Game will be an uninspired film tie-in.

The publisher is confident that fans of the gory saga will see the game as an authentic part of the franchise.
It features voicework from star Tobin Bell and a brand new storyline set between the first and second films.

This is not just some knock-off cash-in,” product manager Richard Jones told MCV.

It has been carefully scripted in conjunction with the movie’s creator. The scenario mixes the moral ambiguity of the movies, and harsh puzzles often have macabre repercussions.

We have very high hopes for the game, and it’s perceived as a vital part of the Saw saga.”

To date, the Saw series has grossed more than $685 million worldwide and sold more than 28 million DVDs around the globe.

The latest instalment, Saw IV, hit cinema screens on October 23rd, and has already generated $20 million at the worldwide box office.

The Saw movies are the highest-earning horror titles to date, and one of the most prominent movie franchises out there. The game is incredibly close to its movie counterpart,” Jones added.

Tobin Bell reprising his role from the films adds a level of authenticity, while the actual puzzles are suitably grisly and recognisable from the films.”

Konami has been working closely with movie distributor Lionsgate on cross-promotions for the game and Saw VI.
The publisher also worked with Thorpe Park to promote the new Saw theme park ride.

There will be extensive trade promotions, with a widely available range of POS featuring the clown-style puppet character that is synoymous with the brand.

The game will enjoy plenty of online advertising, with banners and ownership across games and horror-themed sites.

Cinema ads will also hit screens promoting the game.

Saw: The Game will be released for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on November 20th.

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