LEGO Marvel’s Avengers will cover the events of six films

Warner’s upcoming superhero LEGO game will attempt to cover around 13 hours worth of film narrative.

The publisher has revealed that LEGO Marvel’s Avengers will span the narrative played out across six of the comic powerhouse’s films – The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America, Captain America: Winter Solider, Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World.

It won’t, however, cover the events of The Guardians of the Galaxy. Which may well get its own game, of course, especially with a sequel in the works. We’ll have to see.

Previously the game was announced as covering the events of just the two Avengers movies.

Condensing multiple movies is nothing new to TT Games, of course, although we’ve not yet seen it before on this scale. Jurassic World covered the events of all of the films, while The Hobbit included the narrative of the first two films, but not the last, in the trilogy. All eight Harry Potter films (or seven books) were condensed down into two games, too.

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers is due out on virtually all platforms (including Wii U) on January 29th. Here’s a new trailer:

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