LucasArts excited about lightsaber game

From the first moment Wii was revealed it’s the game that we all envisioned – a motion sensitive lightsaber simulator where players could take on the likes of Darth Vader and Obi Wan Kenobi.

There have been titles that have promised to fulfil the dream, but none – perhaps due to the inherent limitations of the Wii hardware – have ever quite delivered.

Can the arrival of Sony’s apparently very accurate Move and Microsoft’s Natal change that? MCV asked LucasArts CEO Darrell Rodriguez that very question:

I’m very excited by the new interfaces, either Natal, Move or iPad. It’s something we’re definitely watching and we will consider in the future. The regular suggestion of a lightsaber game is one of the reasons why we are excited about it – but we’ll keep looking at it and see what we can do.

No commitment to talk about now, though.”

We don’t know about you, but we certainly feel a tremor in the Force.

To read MCV’s full interview with Rodriguez, click here.

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