MARGIN MAKERS: Guide to cases and covers

Gamers on the move can put their valuable consoles and peripherals at risk, but a suitable carry case or cover can avoid the danger. MCV gets carried away

Cases are the ideal thing to accompany brand new shiny consoles – nobody wants their expensive new hardware and peripherals to pick up dinks and scratches mere monthsafter release.

With this in mind, it’s unsurprising that the rise in hardware sales last year, primarily driven by the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One consoles, had a positive impact on the accessories market, including cases, covers and bags – a necessity for those looking to protect their investment.

The recently released redesigned PlayStation Vita and the upcoming New Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL models have also provided an ideal opportunity for outlets to offer cases to handheld fans – the devices most at risk
of scrapes.

However, it’s not just consoles that can benefit from protection. With first and third-party controllers the best-selling accessories of last year, retailers should consider stocking cases specifically designed for transporting such products.

This becomes even more worthwhile when stocking controllers and peripherals designed specifically for high performance competitive play.

With the rising popularity of eSports among gamers, cutomised controllers and personalised gear such as keyboards, headsets and decals are becoming an ever-more common sight among dedictated followers of pro-gaming.

This makes the group one of the most prospective audiences for retailers. Firms should particularly look to stock high quality travel bags ahead of events such as the UK eSports gathering Insomnia, which allows players to bring their own consoles, PCs and accessories along.

Thermaltake Battle Dragon Bag

Ideal for PC enthusiasts heading to LAN parties and eSports competitions, this large padded bag can hold a variety of PC accessories and games, as well as a gaming laptop. Owners can switch between three different carry modes for comfort and safety.

SRP: 40.94

Distributor: Beyond Technologies

Contact:01952 916 600

US Army Universal Gaming Backpack

This heavy duty rucksack can hold a PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii console complete with accessories and up to 15 boxed games.


Distributor: CTA Digital


Hori 3DS XL Duraflexi TPU Protector

This protector will keep the 3DS’ bigger brother safe from dust and scratches.

SRP: 9.99

Distributor: Hori

The TGC Xbox One Deluxe Console Carry Bag

The Xbox One never needs to leave this case, thanks to an integrated side access panel.

SRP: 16.69

Distributor: The Gamers Choice

Contact: 0116 288 8085

Nintendo 2DS Carry Case

2DS lacks the clamshell protection of its 3DS cousin, making a protective case essential.

SRP: 7.99

Distributor: Nintendo

Contact: 01753 483 700

Thrustmaster VIP Case for PS Vita

Modelled after glasses cases, this rigid case features an automatic closing system.

SRP: 16.99

Distributor: Exertis Gem

Contact: 01279 822 822

eForCity Silicone PS4 Controller Case

Bring a touch of colour to the DualShock 4 with this two-pack of protective skins.

SRP: 4.49

Distributor: eForCity


SCUF Xbox 360 Controller Wireless Protection Case

This case can help keep players’ Xbox 360 controllers safe.

SRP: 10.99

Distributor: Lime

Contact: 01622 845 160

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