Microsoft paves the way for a cheaper, Kinect-less Xbox One SKU to combat PS4

While many of the now-rolled-back Xbox One policies had upset potential customers, the major distinguishing factor between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 was that the latter was $100 cheaper. With Microsoft’s latest announcement, that could well change.

It is well-documented that the next-generation Kinect sensor is largely responsible for the consoles high costs, but with Microsoft now announcing that the Kinect will not be required to be connected to the console at all times, it could pave the way for the company to even release an Xbox One SKU without the sensor included.

Without Kinect bundled in, Microsoft could quite easily drop the Xbox One’s price down to match that of the PS4, or if it is feeling bullish, even undercut Sony’s console.

Sony has been riding a way of positivity from both consumers and developers, and a cheaper Xbox One could be just what Microsoft needs to arrest that momentum and turn it in its favour.

If Microsoft does indeed intend to launch a Kinect-less Xbox One SKU, we could well hear about it at Microsoft Studios boss Phil Spencer’s Gamescom keynote speech later this month.

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