Minecraft: Story Mode gets boxed release date

Retailers have confirmed a release for Telltale’s Minecraft: Story Mode on disc.

GAME has listings for the PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the title. The PS4 and Xbox One SKUs have a release date of November 11th, while the old-gen titles are said to be coming on November 30th.

Amazon, meanwhile, lists all four versions as arriving on October 30th. The game’s boxed publisher Avanquest has also confirmed to MCV that the Amazon dates are, as far as it is concerned, correct.

Both state that the game includes only Episode 1 on the disc, with the others requiring a download as and when they are released – although this is included in the price.

Neither retailer lists the previously confirmed Wii U version, suggesting it may not be boxed or might instead have a different release date. GAME prices all versions at 29.99 while Amazon is charging 31.42.

Telltale itself says that the game will be made available first as a digital download”, suggesting a release some time before the end of October. It also adds: We usually release a full season on disc, or other retail format, sometime after the final episode is made available to download. Telltale is a ‘digital-first’ company.” Which somewhat flies in the face of GAME and Amazon’s listings.

It also doesn’t name Wii U as a confirmed platform.

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