Morrisons prices Gears of War 3 at £25

UK supermarket chain Morrisons has hit the magic 25 price point for tomorrow’s big global release Gears of War 3.

Supermarket promotions are no rarity on big titles, but prices can vary – and 25 is typically the cheapest you’ll find on any triple-A big release on day one.

But unlike the infamous 24.97 that Tesco charged for FIFA 10 on its release day back in 2009, Morrisons’ deal does come with a catch.

The price will only be available to those who also buy a 2100 Microsoft Points card for 18.99. That brings the total price of the purchase to 43.99. The offer will run until Sunday September 25th.

HMV is currently advertising a deal that offers the game for just 1.99 to those who trade-in a copy of Dead Island. GAME is selling GOW3 for 4.99 when one of a list of three games is traded-in.

Thanks to @ad_uk for the image

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