Music just the start for Harmonix

As the creator of Guitar Hero, Rock Band and Dance Central, there’s no studio in the world with the same music game heritage as Harmonix. But its ambitions don’t end with the music genre.

"For the first time, I see Harmonix potentially evolving past exclusively focusing on music games," CEO Alex Rigopulos told Destructoid.

"That’s been – for our entire history – our reason for being, basically. We’ve been focused on interactive music since the company started; we’ve been focused on music games for over ten years now."

What such a new game could be, though, remains a mystery. And the admission doesn’t mean that Harmonix will be turning its back on the music genre anytime soon.

"I have to say, we’re incredibly creatively motivated by motion gaming," he added. "Of course, dance games are a special intersection of music games with motion gaming. Harmonix has developed a competency and quite a passion and interest, generally speaking, in the area of motion gaming.

"So I think one of the things that you may see coming out of Harmonix in the future is more activity in the area of motion games."

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