New iPhone will be unveiled tonight

Having missed its previously expected summer announcement, tonight’s the night when Apple will unveil the latest iteration of its world-conquering iPhone device.

Quite what the new handset will be of course remains a matter of speculation. The biggest question is whether it will actually be the iPhone 4S – an upgraded version of the current handset – or instead (and perhaps more likely) a fully upgraded iPhone 5.

Some commentators have even suggested that both handsets will be revealed at the same time.

We do know that the device will come with the latest version of iOS, complete with a brand new suite of voice-controlled features and boosted cloud functionality – some of which may come with an optional monthly subscription cost.

The safe money is also on an almost immediate launch in key global markets like the US and UK. Don’t rule out the possibility of the handset being in the shops by the end of the week.

Apple’s iPhone event kicks off in San Francisco tonight at 6pm UK time. UK journalists have been invited to Apple’s Covent Garden store for a live stream of the show.

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