Nintendo announces 2DS, but we’re in India so move along

Twitter just exploded, mostly out of disbelief, because Nintendo has announced the 2DS, its new slate form-factor handheld that plays DS and 3DS games in 2D.

While many may question the need for such a device – the 3DS has the option to turn off 3D – at $129, it is priced low enough for those who already own a DS and/or a 3DS to considering double/triple dipping. Moreover, parents will feel more at ease buying their kids a device that costs less and doesn’t come with the supposed health hazards of glassless 3D.

As with all Nintendo products, this development doesn’t hold much significance for Indian gamers, as unlike Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo has no official presence in India. If you would like to pick up a 2DS though, it should be coming in through grey channels pretty soon.

Expect importers to slap a hefty premium on that 2DS’ dollar price though, and there’s no telling what that might be with the Rupee dropping to new all-time lows each day.

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