Nintendo Switch hits 1.5m sales in Japan

The Nintendo Switch has hit the 1.5m milestone in Japan, according to the latest figures from Famitsu, after the Switch version of Capcom’s Monster Hunter XX knocked Dragon Quest XI off the top of the Japan weekly charts.

Nintendo sold another 86,000 consoles in the week ending August 27th, helped in no small part by bundles for both Monster Hunter XX and Splatoon 2. That’s an increase of 286 per cent week-on-week.

Meanwhile, Capcom’s latest version of MHXX sold just under 95,000 copies in its first week on sale, putting it well ahead of Square Enix’s JRPG. However, despite being the best selling title in the week ending August 27th, the game still didn’t perform quite as well as the last home console entry in the series, 2012’s Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on Wii U, which sold 110,000 copies during its opening week.

Splatoon 2, meanwhile, gained a place to take No.2, selling another 56,000 units, leaving the 3DS version of Dragon Quest XI at No.3 and the PS4 version at No.4.

There were plenty of other new entries for the week ending August 27th as well, including Compile Heart’s Megadimension Neputina VII R, which debuted at No.6 after shifting 18,000 units, and Nippon Ichi Software’s Yomawari: Midnight Shadows. Here, the PS4 version entered the charts at No.8, selling 9,400 units, while the Vita edition sold 8,600 units to claim No.9.

Here’s the Top Ten Software chart in full for the week ending August 27th:

1. Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Version (Switch), Capcom, 94,973 (New)
2. Splatoon 2 (Switch), Nintendo, 55,966
3. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age (3DS), Square Enix, 31,133
4. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age (PS4), Square Enix, 22,118
5. The Snack World: TreJarers (3DS), Level-5, 18,298
6. Megadimension Neptunia VII R (PS4), Compile Heart, 18,228 (New)
7. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch), Nintendo, 12,351
8. Yomawari: Midnight Shadows (PS4), NIS, 9,492 (New)
9. Yomawari: Midnight Shadows (Vita), NIS, 8,678 (New)
10. Dai Ace Attorney 2: Naruhodo Ryunosuke no Kakugo (3DS), Capcom, 7,165

And here are the hardware figures for the same period:

1. Nintendo Switch, 85,503
2. PS4, 21,553
3. New Nintendo 2DS XL, 14,782
4. New Nintendo 3DS XL, 9,655
5. PS4 Pro, 4,782
6. PS Vita, 3,953
7. Nintendo 2DS, 2,058
8. Nintendo 3DS, 301
9. Wii U, 89
10. Xbox One S, 63
11. PS3, 43

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