Now the other Spectrum console could be in trouble

Hot on the heels of reported trouble over in the Recreated ZX Spectrum camp, there are now worrying signs emerging from its rival Spectrum reboot.

At the same time as the Recreated ZX Spectrum was going about building hype, a different machine going under the name Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega was doing much the same. The device, which has the backing of original Spectrum guru Clive Sinclair, smashed its crowdfuding targets in March, raising over 400k.

Unlike the under-the-TV Recreated, the Vega is a Spectrum-themed handheld.

The device is due out in September, but distributor Cornerstone Interactive contacted MCV to say that it has terminated its sales agreement with the Vega team.

Cornerstone Media became aware of issues and disputes within Retro Computers original management structure, and the subsequent on-going legal disputes between the various parties including the ownership of the IP on both the Vega and Vega Plus,” boss Nick Cooper said.

Due to terms in the contractual agreement between Cornerstone Media, and Retro Computers, Cornerstone had no alternative but to suspend sales until the matter had been resolved and the console remains unavailable. Unfortunately Retro Computers, decided that this course of action was not warranted and breeched its contractual agreement with Cornerstone Media International.

Cornerstone would like to confirm that at no point has it had any financial dealings with the crowd funding monies raised, or paid to Retro Computers.”

The nature of the agreement between Cornerstone and Retro remains unknown.

Eurogamer obtained a counter statement from Retro Computers MD Suzanne Martin, which disputed some of the claims but does confirm that legal action is underway.

Retro Computers Limited terminated its contract with Cornerstone Media International Limited more than two months ago,” she said. We cannot comment further on the factual inaccuracies as Retro Computers Limited are currently taking legal action against Cornerstone Media International Limited and this matter has been in the hands of our solicitors for some time.”

The launch very much remains on track, Martin claims.

Added Marin: "The team at Retro Computers Limited and our partners are fully committed to delivering the Vega in accordance with our IndieGogo campaign, and with the added bonus of some new features created by the new technical director and his team."

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