Nvidia bundles free copy of Metro: Last Light with graphics cards

A free copy of Deep Silver’s Metro: Last Light is currently available to those who buy certain Nvidia GTX graphics cards.

The game is offered to those who buy a GTX 660 or better, meaning it also includes the likes of the GTX 660Ti, GTX 760, the high-end GTX 680 and the super-luxury 800+ GTX Titan.

The news comes as the game’s minimum specs suggest a game very much geared toward power PC users. Although the entry-level specs are accessible (2.2GHz CPU, GTS250/Radeon 4000) the optimum specs are eye watering, requiring either the GTX 690 or GTX Titan.

How much of that is willy-waving is unclear, however. Even EA’s mighty Crysis 3 won’t run in full-spec on a Titan, although it will run on extremely high settings on that and some lower cards.

Metro 2033 was famed for punishing PCs and it’s quite possible that Deep Silver has wisely chose to sell the sequel against similar demands.

"With Metro 2033, 4A Games already proved that we have the expertise to create exceptional computer games. With Metro: Last Light, we are pushing the limits to an even higher level," the game’s executive producer Dean Sharpe stated.

"We are delighted that Nvidia has chosen us as a partner, as this verifies the game’s position as a graphics benchmark for the next generation."

Metro: last Light will be released in the UK on May 17th.

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