Nvidia declares PC gaming’s dominance

The PC gaming sector remains the most powerful, diverse and important in the world, Nvidia has argued.

The company’s SVP of content and technology Tony Tamasi told an audience at E3 that the arrival of next-gen consoles is a huge positive for PC gaming, as developers will no longer be held back by dated console hardware.

PCGamesN reports that Tamasi highlighted the power gap enjoyed by PC gaming – the company’s leading graphics card the GTX Titan, for instance, boasts around 2.5 times the graphical clout of the PS4.

He also boasted of several high-tech developments such as Tessellation, TXAA and FXAA which will continue to give the platform a distinct advantage over consoles.

It’s becoming more and more obvious that PC gaming is the best gaming experience right now and that won’t change even with next generation consoles launching,” his presentation material claimed.

Nvidia projections estimate that the PC games market will be worth around $20bn by 2015 – twice the estimated size of the PlayStation market.

Furthermore, an incredible 48 per cent of developers are currently working on PC titles. That compares to just 13 per cent on current gen consoles, 11 per cent on next-gen consoles and five per cent on Wii U.

Here are a couple of the slides:

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