Nvidia officially announces the GTX 780; Out now for £549

The new breed of Nvidia graphics cards have arrived.

Having briefed the media yesterday Nvidia has officially announced the GeForce GTX 780, which has just gone on sale in the UK for 549.

The card’s base clock comes in at 863 Mhz although this boosts to 900 Mhz. 3GB of DDR5 is on-board with a memory speed of 6Gbps. It has a TDP of 250W and outputs via 2xDL-DVI slots, 1xHDMI and 1xDisplayport.

The card offers a 70 per cent performance gain over the GTX 580 and a 15-20 per cant gain on its direct predecessor, the GTX 680. More impressively, the card offers gains of between 20-65 per cent over AMD’s rival 7970 Ghz.

The 7970 itself outperforms the graphics engines found in the PS4 by around 20-30 per cent and offers an even greater gain over Xbox One, meaning that this new card offers a really quite sizable performance advantage over the next wave of consoles.

In fact, for the gap to be this large before the next-generation of consoles hits the shelves is quite unusual.

The GTX 780 is also supposedly by far and away the quietest GPU Nvidia has released, and the Adaptive Temperature Controller software should eradicate surprise fan speed spikes and offer a more consistent output.

SLI gains are also impressive, ranging from 55-90 per cent.

Also launching today is a new piece of software for gamers – GeForce Experience. This suite handily analyses a user’s system and automatically chooses the optimum settings configuration for specific games.

Expect further GTX product announcements later this month.

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