Project Gotham Racing 5 rumoured to be Next Xbox launch title

Microsoft is rumoured to be preparing a brand new instalment in the Project Gotham series as a launch title for the Next Xbox.

STFUandplay has word that a number of former Bizarre Creations and Criterion devs are working on the title at new Liverpool studio Lucid Games. The project is said to be based on an upgraded version of existing PGR code.

The site also believes that other Bizarre devs, as well as a number of former Studio Liverpool staff, have joined forces with MotorStorm creators Evolution Studios to create a new racing IP that’s planned to be a PS4 launch title.

It adds that at one stage it was hoped that the game would be an off-shoot of the Gran Turismo series, but that Sony Japan vetoed the idea.

The validity of the claims of course remains open to question but the Project Gotham rumour, at least, is very likely to be true. Microsoft has been rumoured to be touting the IP around to various devs for a while now and is keen to keep it as a British production.

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