PS3 hits £179 – price roundup

Retailers have begun adjusting the prices of their PS3 stock following Sony’s announcement of a price cut to the machine last night.

The new RRP for the machine stands at 199.99 for the 160GB model and 249.99 for the 320GB, but predictable many retailers have chosen to undercut this. has cut the 320GB machine to 234.99 and the 160GB to 199.99. However, it’s also selling the Slim 120GB device for just 179.95. The old ‘fat’ 80GB console is just 149.50. is asking 224.99 and 189.98 respectively.

Amazon has gone ever lower, charging 215.20 for the 320GB SKU and 192 for the 160GB console.

Online, HMV is sticking to the 249.99 RRP for the 320GB but reduced the 160GB to 192. On the High Street the chain is charging 199.99 for the 160GB including a free unspecified game from the Platinum selection. Alternatively it has the 320GB with the Move Starter Pack, infamous 2 and a third unspecified title for 269.99

The supermarkets don’t seem to have lowered their prices yet, with the exception of Tesco which is selling the 160GB for 192.

As reported on MCV earlier, GAME has cut the standalone price for the 160GB model will be 199.99. The 320GB machine will retail for 249.99.

These prices can be cut to 179.99 and 229.99 respectively when bought in conjunction with any new or used PS3 game.

For 249.99 GAME is also offering a bundle including a 320GB console, copies of FIFA 11 and Ferrari Challenge and a choice of one of the following – MotorStorm Apocalypse, Killzone 3 or inFamous 2.

Those wishing to trade in their old ‘fat’ PS3 model will get 100 off the price of a new machine.

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