PS3 Mafia II joins DLC code movement

Mafia II is the latest title to deter pre-owned sales with DLC incentives – this time exclusively on PS3.

2K Games have announced that a code for the PS3-exclusive downloadable mission pack The Betrayal of Jimmy will be included with every new copy of the game. Pre-owned buyers will have to buy the DLC through PSN for $9.99 (around 6.50).

The third-person gangster action title is the latest in a long string of titles to use downloadable content to encourage consumers to buy games new. Previous proponents have included Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age: Origins and Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

The Betrayal of Jimmy will see PS3 owners take on the role of one of the Mafia’s enforcers. They will be set a number of arcade-style missions set in the world of Mafia II where they rack up points for the accuracy of their shots and any stunts they pull while driving. These scores can then be compared on new online leaderboards.

2K also announced a second DLC, Jimmy’s Vendetta, which will be available for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. This will feature more missions and locations, which will also interact with the leaderboards. It has yet to be dated or priced.

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