Radeon HD 7990 powered the Battlefield 4 demo – will PS4 be able to match it?

PC tech giant AMD has revealed that it was the upcoming Radeon HD 7990 that powered EA’s technically impressive Battlefield 4 demo at GDC.

Until now AMD has rarely spoken about the HD 7990 specifically. As expected, the card is basically two high-end HD 7970s spliced together on a single board.

This is the first public showing,” AMD’s graphics business unit GM Matt Skynner stated, as reported by PCWorld. We’re not saying much about it other than it’s two series-7900 GPUs on a single card, and it’s whisper quiet.”

The card will be looking to compete with Nvidia’s recently announced GTX Titan card as we head into the summer. AMD is expected to reveal its new 8000 series GPU in the latter half of the year.

Perhaps the bigger question that arises from this is how the next-gen consoles will stand up against the footage we’ve seen.

PS4 (which is widely expected to surpass the new Xbox in terms of raw brute) houses an eight core AMD X86 Jaguar CPU and an unspecified 1.84TF Radeon graphics core. It will also house 8GB of DDR5 RAM, which certainly places it amongst the powerhouses of the gaming sector.

How will all of that stack up against a gaming PC packing an HD 7990? The HD 7970 is one of the fastest cards available right now and can already run the likes of Crysis 3 on very high settings.

From what we’ve seen Crysis 3 mastches the visuals seen in the likes of Killzone 4. Put two of them on one card and gaming PC’s could potentially have already surpassed the next-gen consoles before they arrive.

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