Radeon R9 290X pricing revealed; First reviews of R7 and R9 cards arrive

AMD’s top-of-the-range Radeon R9 290X looks like it’s getting a suitably top-of-the-range RRP in Europe.

Videocardz.com has obtained a list of prices for AMD’s new graphics cards from MSI and they suggest that the 290X will be a very expensive bit of kit on this side of the Atlantic.

The RRPs, according to the leak, are as follows:

R9 290X – €649 (550)
R9 290 – €519 (440)
R9 280X – €279 (235)
R9 270X Hawk – €219 (185)
R9 270X Gaming – €199 (170)
R7 260X OC – €129 (110)
R7 250 – €95 (80)

Note that the Pound totals represent a direct translation from the Euro price and do not necessarily reflect the actual UK prices. Indeed, it’s not beyond the realms of comprehension that €649 may sadly mean closer to 649 than 549.

If correct, these prices also mean that European PC gamers will be paying far more than their US counterparts who are facing an RRP of around $699 (€517/435) for the 290X.

Elsewhere online, the first reviews of the 280X, 270X and 260X cards have appeared, revealing a largely lukewarm reception.

The 280X offers sub HD 7970 Ghz Edition performance, although it betters Radeon’s GTX 760. The 270X seems to slightly better the HD 7870 while the 260X offers performance falling just below the GTX 650 Ti.

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