Richard Garriott is selling some of his blood on eBay because… erm?

Ever dreamed of owning some of Richard Garriott’s blood? What do you mean, no?

It rather seems as if developer Garriott had banked on the answer being yes, as a container – or, as it is rather grandly called here, a reliquary (Google it) – of his blood is currently up for grabs on eBay.

And it’s still available as no-one has yet stumped up the $5,000 reserve price. Or indeed placed any bids.

So what does $5k+ get you? One of six samples of Garriott’s blood, presented as part of an art work by Steve Brudniak. Also included is a visit to Portalarium’s Texas studio, although you’ll have to cough up for the travel yourself.

There’s also a lot of digital content for Shroud of the Avatar, including early access to the game, which is due out some time this year.

When Richard ‘Lord British’ Garriott asked artist Steve Brudniak to create reliquaries for the blood of Lord British and Darkstarr, Steve did not blink an eye.”

He doesn’t blink? Hmm, perhaps the blood will be of some scientific interest, then. The blurb continues: Making pieces with stories like these are just the kind of unique visions that Mr Brudniak is known for and why Lord British has several pieces in his own collection.”


Apparently Angelina Jolie used to wear the blood of former husband Billy Bob Thornton in a vial around her neck. Why should you care? You shouldn’t, but we’re not awash with blood commodity facts and that’s the best we’ve got on this Friday afternoon.

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