Rumours point to three new Nvidia GTX cards in June

With Nvidia’s tech conference having been and gone without word of any new GPU models, now rumours suggest a June release for Nvidia’s next-gen graphic card line up.

PC Gamer reports on word that three SKUs housing the Pascal tech that was demoed at the conference are currently prepping for release.

Korean tech sites report that early June will see the release of a GTX 980Ti replacement (currently going by the name GP104-400) and a GTX 980 successor (known as GP104-200). Later in the month a GTX 970 replacement will then follow (GP104-150).

This does clash with previous claims that the 1080Ti will be based on Nvidia’s new GP-100 tech, which will still likely power the next generation Titan card.

How these will be branded remains the biggest mystery. It has been previously suggested they will follow existing conventions and be known as the GTX 1080Ti, 1080 and 1070, although some chatter persists about the possible names GTX 1800 Ti, 1800 and 1700. This presumably would be to avoid any 1080p-related branding confusion, especially as the cards will be touting 4K support.

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