Square Enix to shut down its game streaming service after less than a year

Square Enix’s Dive In game streaming service is to come to an end before its first birthday.

The platform was launched in Japan last October, and allowed gamers to play titles such as Final Fantasy XIII and VII on their iOS and Android devices.

Players were even able to control the console games using their smartphone or tablet’s screen, thanks to a custom touch-operated Xbox 360 control scheme overlay. (Thanks to Kotaku for the run-down.)

Now Dive In is set to dive out of the market, having never seen a wider release.

In a (Google-translated) statement, the Dive In team said: To everyone waiting for the service to resume, I apologize from the bottom of my heart.

It is to be noted that everyone that had been purchased an annual subscription, regardless of the remaining period, we will refund the Square Enix Crysta to the full amount.”

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