Suda 51: EA understood my game

Speaking of the shock news that

EA has signed on to publish the next game from Killer 7 and No More Heroes developer Suda 51

, the cult figure has explained his reasons for signing with the leading global publisher.

In an interview with 1UP, Suda explained: EA’s people showed a big interest to my ideas, and they understood what I really wanted to do, and that’s how it happened to come to EA.

Of course I had a chance to present it to different publishers, but EA was the company that understood the game and understood my approach to it. That’s why I took the chance to work with EA. Also, EA produced Rock Band, so they understand the ‘soul of rock’.

I actually presented two ideas at the same time, and EA really liked one idea. They instantly said ‘we like that exact idea, we don’t want the other one’. Too many publishers say that they will think about it and let you know later, but EA was the one that said exactly how they felt the first time. The idea they liked was the game I really wanted to create the most, and they understood what I wanted to do, which helps.

We communicate with EA a lot, despite us being in Japan and they being in the U.S. We actually don’t even communicate that much when working with a Japanese publisher, but when something happens, we can always get in touch with EA and talk about how we both feel on an issue. Our relationship is extremely good.”

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