Target Australia says it is not enforcing plain packaging for R18+ games

Australian retailer Target has said that it has not begun packaging R18+ rating games in plain boxes in its stores.

A report earlier this week suggested that was the case after a range of titles were seen on display in plain cases at the chain’s Edwardstown outlet.

However, MCV’s sister site MCV Pacific has had it confirmed that Edwardstown and a handful of other stores were acting on older information relating to South Australia’s R18+ laws”.

A spokesperson added: "Target Australia complies with the relevant legislation in each state on the display of 18+ games, with particular focus on WA and SA where there are different measure in place to the rest of the country."

It has also been confirmed that the chain plans to shelve all R18+ titles together, along with clear signage, although they will be displayed in their retail cases.

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