Tekken X Street Fighter ‘still in development’

Bandai Namco has insisted that development of Tekken X Street Fighter is continuing.

The game was announced all the way back in July 2010, although two years later Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada was having to assert that it was not only still in development.

Tekken X Street Fighter is still in development and it’s still moving forward," Harada told Polygon over the weekend. It is proceeding. It hasn’t been cancelled, so please relax.”

This is effectively the same thing he told Siliconera back in August 2013.

Rumours at one stage suggested that the game will now be released on PS4 and Xbox One. That might seem obvious, but Bandai Namco has shown recent interest in exploring other avenues – specifically free-to-play.

Ace Combat: Infinity seems to be doing OK on consoles and F2P fighter Rise of Incarnates will enter closed beta next week. However, the failure of Driftopia may have sullied the publisher’s taste for the model.

And what of the recent announcement of Tekken 7. Has that halted development of Tekken x Street Fighter?

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