The Hut opens PS4 software pre-orders… at £70 a shot

UK consumers are free to pre-order a handful of PS4 titles from The Hut, as long as they are willing to lay down 69.99 per game.

Killzone: Shadowfall, Destiny, Driveclub, Deep Down, Knack, Diablo III and InFamous: Second Son are all available at that price, while PS4 hardware is listed for 399.99.

A spokesman for the retailer told Eurogamer that the prices are a preliminary forecast and have not been issued by the publisher”.

It’s true that The Hut is very unlikely to have had any word from Sony directly. Instead, it’s possible that it has listed the games so highly simply to see how many people are prepared to lay down cash at such a premium price.

Other retailers have the games listed for under 50.

The only official word about pricing has come from Sony’s American boss Jack Tretton who previously stated that PS4 games will range in price from just $0.99 all the way up to $60 – pretty much reflecting today’s console software pricing.

Pricing is likely to be one of the early hot topics for the next-gen consoles. With the rise of iOS and casual gaming and a huge library of games available for 69p or even for free, one of the big questions remaining to be answered is what appetite remains for 50 triple-A releases.

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