The SNES Classic Mini pre-orders have run dry

Gamers are facing a bit of a struggle to secure pre-orders for Nintendo’s recently announced SNES Classic Mini.

The device earlier this week went up for pre-order with retailers such as GAME and Amazon before almost instantly going out of stock.

Nintendo itself then made pre-orders available directly through its website, but supplies exhausted themselves in under half an hour. Amazon again then re-opened pre-orders, only for the same thing to happen.

On the plus side, when pre-orders did open through Nintendo, the price was a little lower than expected – 69.99, versus the 79.99 that had been quoted on sites such as Amazon. Fortunately, Amazon customers who were able to place a pre-order at the higher price have been told that they will only be charged the lower price – which was in fact quoted for the second round of pre-orders.

Anxious gamers are already concerned that they will face a similar battle securing the console as they did the NES Classic Mini, which was almost impossible to track down, resulting in elevated prices in the secondary market.

In other good news, Nintendo has said that the controller cables for the SNES Mini will be five feet long – a big improvement over the tiny three feet cables included with the NES version.

Buyers are still able to place pre-orders for the console in store at GAME.

Nintendo yesterday said thatthe situation will be better with the SNES Mini than it was with its predecessor, albeit with a big caveat.

We aren’t providing specific numbers, but we will produce significantly more units of Super NES Classic Edition than we did of NES Classic Edition,” it claimed.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Super NES Classic Edition is currently planned to ship from Sept. 29 until the end of calendar year 2017. At this time, we have nothing to announce regarding any possible shipments beyond this year.

Our long-term efforts are focused on delivering great games for the Nintendo Switch system and continuing to build momentum for that platform, as well as serving the more than 63m owners of Nintendo 3DS family systems. We are offering Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Super NES Classic Edition in special recognition of the fans who show tremendous interest our classic content.”

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