The Witcher 3 clefts DRM in twain

Upcoming RPG epic The Witcher 3 will be free of the shackles of DRM on PC.

The news will be applauded by the gaming community, which has become vocally tired of draconian security measures that more often than not result in the official product being more prohibitive to users than the pirated version.

"We are trying to get rid of DRM," lead gameplay designer Maciej Szczesnik told Kotaku. "If someone wants to pirate a game, eventually he will."

CD Projekt Red MD Adam Badowski added: "Which is bad, of course, but you can’t do anything about it, so. We want to give the best user experience possible. When we removed DRM, people on those torrents were actually asking people not to download our game, because we weren’t using DRM."

The studio also promised to support the game with post-release DLC, some of which may be free but some of which might be premium.

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