Toys R Us insists its PS4 and Xbox One release dates are accurate

Spoiler: They’re not.

Retailer Toys R Us recently went live with supposed release dates for both Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One.

It reckons Sony’s machine will arrive in the UK on Friday December 13th while Microsoft’s console will be with us on Tuesday November 29th.

Now, this is of course perfectly possible. In fact, it’s not a million miles away from whispers MCV has been hearing. But here’s the thing – retail listings are notoriously unreliable for confirming release dates. A lot of the time the companies feel they have to chuck something in – perhaps their CMS even demands it.

Or – god forgive us for suggesting it – perhaps some retailers even do it deliberately because they know the specialist press will likely give it coverage.

Get this though – Toys R Us has told that the information has been given direct from our suppliers and is accurate”.

It’s not.

Well, as we say, it could be. But if it is that’s through nothing other than extraordinary good fortune.

The likelihood that out of all the companies in the world both Sony AND Microsoft have chosen to release one of the most sought after bits of gaming information on the planet to Toys R Us is… minimal.

When chased on the subject both platform holders said they haven’t confirmed any release dates as of yet.

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