Trade-ins rocket at GameStop as next-gen fever arrives

GameStop has said that software and hardware trade-ins increased by a factor of four the weekend before PS4 launched in the US.

Many consumers arrived in stores with their entire libraries with them, forcing some outlets to stay open well beyond trading to get the credit processed in time for Sony’s upcoming launch.

The retailer also revealed that 43 per cent of those who have pre-ordered a next-gen console had already paid their bill in full and that 20 per cent had traded-in to cover part or all of the transaction.

"Most of the people trading in [on Sunday] were already pre-ordered and they were paying off their order," senior vice president of merchandising Bob Puzon told Polygon. "We have a much larger base of people who are fully paid off than when the last generation launched. Last time we were taking $50 for a reservation and this time we are taking $100.

"When the kids finish a game they bring it back in and instead of asking for cash or credit they are applying it to their console order. Our number has grown substantially week over week. I think we will see a lot of people coming into stores and being fully paid off.

"For every dollar that is traded in, a dollar and seventy is being spent in store on either hardware or software or accessories.

"[Customer’s] number one concern is affordability. So we really put some horsepower behind marketing our trade options. A lot of money is being re-applied to the new games consoles."

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