Twitch bans Witcher 3 streaming after copies leak in UAE

Video streaming platform Twitch has warned users who may have obtained an early copy of The Witcher 3 not to stream the game online.

Reports cropped up late last week of the game going on sale in the United Arab Emirates. It’s not due for release until May 19th.

With modern consoles able to stream titles at the press of a button, Twitch has now put a block on any such attempt.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is not allowed for broadcasting until May 19th, 2015,” it said on Twitter. Broadcasting before this date is subject to DMCA guidelines.”

Developer CD Projekt has also requested on its forums that users refrain from posting spoilers, be that stills or video, stating: Please, don’t discuss the contents of any leaked information you may find. If you see anyone posting information from the leak on the forum, remember to use the Report Post button and let us know.”

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