UPDATE: Retailers increase Grand Theft Auto 5 price in India

Update: We’ve got word that distributor E-xpress Interactive has not officially announced an increase in the price of Grand Theft Auto 5. The prices listed on Flipkart are tentative and have been set by the retailer itself.

Original story:After PC, it’s now time for console games to receive price hikes in India.

Flipkart has increased the price of Grand Theft Auto 5 across both Xbox 360 and PS3. The standard edition, which was earlier priced Rs 2,799, is now at Rs 2,999, while the Special Edition goes up from Rs 3,299 to Rs 3,799.

While most other retailers are yet to change their listed prices, Nextworld has revised the price of the PS3 version to Rs 2,999, but the Xbox 360 version is still listed at Rs 2,799.

Last week, we reported that EA was planning a substantial price increase for its PC games, following which Flipkart raised its prices for upcoming PC titles from Ubisoft and Warner Bros.

With the Dollar still at over Rs 60, expect more price hike news in the coming days, as most games sold in India are imported and are directly affected by changing currency exchange rates.

It’s unclear whether Flipkart’s new GTA 5 prices are tentative and in reaction to recent trends or if this is an official price increase by the distributor. We’ve contacted E-xpress Interactive for an official comment on the matter.

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