UPDATED: Morrisons slashes console prices

UK supermarket chain Morrisons has cut the price on a number of console SKUs, according to reports.

The 160GB version of the PlayStation 3 is now available for 150 with the 250GB cut to 200 – the latter price has been verified by MCV from a North London store rep.

The Xbox 360 250GB has also been dropped to 150 while the 4GB SKU including Kinect is now 185.

Wii has been cut as well, with a bundle including Mario Kart priced at 85. Kinect is also available as a solo SKU for 85.

MCV has not yet been able to officially confirm all of the deals, though some consumers have seemingly confirmed the promotional prices. We have contacted Morrisons for confirmation.

UPDATE: Here is the official list of promotions direct from Morrisons:

4GB XBOX KINECT BUNDLE – Was 240 – Now 185
250GB XBOX CONSOLE – Was 175 – Now 150
KINECT SENSOR – Was 100 – Now 85
320GB PS3 + Karate Kid BD – Was 235 – Now 200
160GB PS3 – Was 175 – Now 150
White WII + Mario Kart – Was 99 – Now 85
WII Family Edition – Was 99 – Now 85
Blue WII + Mario & Sonic Olympics – Was 99 – Now 85

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