US: Wii install base races ahead of 360

New stats from North American firm NPD and Deutsche Bank show that Nintendo’s Wii console has overturned the Xbox 360’s 12 month start on the marketplace to lead the installed hardware race by nearly two million units.

GameDaily reports that the Wii has now sold 13.4 million units in North America, whilst the Xbox 360 has sold 11.6 million. Sony’s PS3, by comparison, has sold just 5.7 million consoles to US consumers.

Sales of both Xbox 360 and PS3 have been at similar rates in the territory for a year now, whilst Wii has in the same period seen its sales rate increase.

However, Xbox 360 still rules the roost when it comes to software, with 94 million games having been sold in total. The Wii has shifted 73 million titles and the PS3 30 million. Sales for Nintendo’s machine are climbing the fastest, whilst 360 software continues to sell better than PS3.

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