Valve’s hardware division teases public betas in 2013

Valve’s freshly revealed hardware team will be looking into public beta tests next year for the division’s various prototypes.

Sector head Jeri Ellsworth told Engaget that the company is already conducting internal betas for the team’s potential products.

Valve announced their intentions to enter the hardware market earlier this month; and while Ellsworth isn’t going into details on what exactly it is they’re working on, she did mention a couple juicy details including the division’s one year goal.

[The goal is] to make Steam games more fun to play in your living room.”

The hardware division will also be involved in Valve’s wearable computing effort – though a minimum two to five year schedule has been outlined for the device.

Ellsworth also spoke on the multitude of prototyping the company does, advising not to invest much into projects captured in images snapped of the office space, such as a recent shot of a sizable control pad with a screen built into the middle.

On any given day you could snap a photo of my office and find a variety of prototypes laying around.”

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