Wales Interactive open to limited retail release of new FMV title Late Shift

Wales Interactive has announced it’s bringing new cinematic FMV adventure game Late Shift to PS4, Xbox One and Steam next month, with the possibility of a limited retail version coming further down the line, MCV has learned.

Developed by CtrlMovie and co-written by Michael R Jackson of the 2009 Sherlock Holmes movie fame, Late Shift is a live-action thriller that gives players over 180 decisions to make over the course of the game. It was filmed in Full HD across a variety of locations in London, and follows the story of mathematics student Matt as he finds himself being forced to take part in an auction house robbery.

Late Shift will be priced at 9.99 across all platforms, but PS4 owners will be able to get 20 per cent off by pre-ordering the title from today onwards. A retail version isn’t currently planned, but Wales Interactive told MCV that the publisher is "open to the possibility of a limited release in the future."

Managing director at Wales Interactive David Banner said: We first noticed Late Shift at Gamescom 2016, where we found ourselves in the talented Swiss Games Area. It just so happened we were showing our first FMV title, The Bunker, and so we were excited to see other game developers and filmmakers showing a passion for live-action video games. CtrlMovie is an exciting new studio to work with and once you see the production values of a game like Late Shift, you’ll understand why the revival of FMV is happening right now.

"We know from the success of The Bunker that there’s an audience crying out for more live-action games with feature film quality production values. As a studio, we love this style of gaming and so it’s a part of our mission to bring more titles like Late Shift and The Bunker to PC and consoles worldwide. We hope to continue to exceed the audience’s expectations of the genre and encourage more developers and filmmakers to join us in a propitious time for FMV adventure fans.”

Late Shift’s director and co-writer Tobias Weber added: Wales Interactive brought to us the experience needed in PC and console game publishing that we required to take the next step with Late Shift. The collaboration was very pleasant and we’re looking forward to a great launch of the title in April.”

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