What did you miss from the London Games Conference?

Last night’s London Games Conference was another jam-packed event filled with incredible insight on how to discover, sell and even make games.

We had the social giants Twitter, Twitch, Facebook and Google on stage, plus some incredible insight and lessons from the likes of Michael Pachter, CCP’s David Reid and Sony’s indie king Shahid Ahmed.

Plus we had some surprising news emerge from the conference. GAME laid down its vision for the future of specialist retail, and revealed that it had hired an extra 4,500 staff for Christmas.

Then PEGI surprised even the event organisers by announcing an international ratings system.

But perhaps even better, Sports Interactive boss Miles Jacobson gave the audience a great case study into illegal downloading on Football Manager. 10.1m people downloaded it illegally.

Here is everything you missed:

2m people buy digital content from GAME


then recruits 4,500 people for Christmas

Twitter can help you sell more games than traditional advertising, apparently

The forever controversial Michael Pachter predicts PS4 will win the console war. Wii U is ‘toast’

Broken Sword creator Charles Cecil talks us through the Kickerstarter revolution

Those fascinating folks from Twitch reveal just how big video has become. People want videos, not written reviews, they said on stage.

Facebook said that almost three quarters of console gamers are Facebook users

Sony’s Shahid Ahmad said the indie developer revolution is over. What does he mean? Well click through.

Age ratings body PEGI unveiled the international age rating coalition

10.1m people illegally downloaded Football Manager 2013. All that and more from Sports Interactive right here.

Hit Detection’s N’Gai Croal on the ability to win over gamers. A real think piece this.

David Reid of Eve Online creator CCP talks about the power of the gamer and how to win their trust

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