Wii U sold just 38,000 units in the US in April – rumour

It looks like April may have been another terrible month for Wii U in the US.

A Twitter exchange between an unknown user and analyst Michael Pachter suggests that Wii U sold just 38,000 units throughout the period. Worse still, it was outsold by its predecessor the Wii which shifted 42,000.

The numbers in full:

Xbox 360 – 130k
PS3 – 100.5k
3DS – 101.5k
DS – 60k
Wii – 42k
Wii U – 38k
Vita – 15k
PS2+PSP – 7k

When presented with these numbers Pachter said they were close” although he added the tipster was off on 3DS/DS, though”.

With no big E3 boost expected from Nintendo next month and a huge injection of excitement incoming for both PS4 and the new Xbox, Nintendo will be hoping that some positive momentum for its machine lasts until Nintendo’s exclusive titles start to hit later this year.

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