Wii U Virtual Console hitting the UK tomorrow

Having gone live in the US earlier this week, UK Wii U owners will be able to access the console’s new Virtual Console hub as of tomorrow.

Virtual Console allows console owners to download games from previous Nintendo systems and play them on their current machine.

The UK line-up differs from the US offering, missing NES duo Balloon Fight and Kirby’s Adventure but gaining Mario’s Super Picross.

All of the above feature instant saves, off-screen GamePad play and Miiverse community support.

Further releases from the Street Fighter, Super Mario Bros and Mega Man series have been confirmed, as well as the introduction of N64 and Game Boy Advance titles.

NES titles will cost 3.49 to download and SNES titles 5.49. Users who have previously purchased the same games on Wii can either transfer the original over for free and run them in Wii mode or else pay a discounted 99p/1.49 to get the newer versions.

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