Xbox 360 claiming lion’s share of GameStop DLC sales

65 per cent of DLC sales in GameStop stores are for Microsoft’s Xbox 360, the retailer has revealed.

PS3 accounts for 28-30 per cent, with other devices” accounting for the rest. Expect the bulk of those latter sales to be claimed by Steam, which is unsurprisingly gathering momentum.

"I would say that Steam is gaining in significance," GameStop’s director of digital content Brad Schliesser told Gamasutra. "We did extremely well in the Steam summer sale.

They’ve been a fantastic partner, coming together with an agreement to sell the currency. They’ve also promoted the currency on their platform. I think they also are seeing the benefit of being able to reach out to customers that aren’t able to pay with a credit card."

As well as stressing High Street retail’s capacity for expanding the market reach for digital content sales, Schliesser also revealed that the retailer has plans to streamline its DLC purchasing process.

Currently GameStop customers buying DLC, much like GAME customers in the UK, are actually purchasing a code that can then be input into their consoles to access content. The goal, however, is to have DLC instantly added to a user’s account the moment it is purchased in-store.

"We thought we’d have to have that in place," he added. "Making this a little easier for consumers is the icing on the cake. Our goal on this is ‘let’s make it a better process for the consumer’. Our goal in 2013 would be to get one partner to convert to a ‘push to box’ model."

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