Retailers list Homefront: The Revolution for May

May is looking increasingly likely to be the month that the delayed sequel to 2011 shooter Homefront is finally released.

Xbox Achievements caught wind of a reservation card for the game being sold by US retailer Target. That had a release date of May 17th 2016 printed on it. Now UK retailer GAME has added a May date to its listing for the game.

The title was announced back in June 2014, with Deep Silver as publisher and Crytek as developer. At the time it was described as an open-world title, where rebels would have to employ guerrilla tactics to try and better the superior force and tech employed by their state oppressors.

However, just a month later Deep Silver acquired the IP from Crytek and handed development to Deep Silver Dambuster Studios, whose own roots can be found in Free Radical and Crytek.

A year later the game was pushed back from 2015 to 2016.

Everything is new for Homefront: The Revolution,” senior narrative designer CJ Kershner told MCV last year. It’s a new team, new publisher, new style of gameplay, new backstory. We’ve gone back to the core concept of Homefront – a fallen occupied America with a North Korean military presence and civilian resistance movement – and expanded it out by 360 degrees.

Dambuster is making its own unique mark on the name of Homefront, so anything that you remember or know about the first game: forget it now. It’s not a continuation of that story or that style of gameplay. There’s a reason we don’t call it Homefront 2.”

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