Retro City Rampage has made more money of 3DS than Xbox 360

Another indie game has reported a strong performance on Nintendo systems.

The official Titter account for Retro City Rampage has revealed that the game has made more money on 3DS than it has Xbox 360, even if it hasn’t matched the unit sales seen on Microsoft’s machine.

Retro City Rampage passed a quarter million units a while back, over half a million if you include PS+,” it said. The 3DS version’s already netted more revenue than 360 LTD. Units is only a matter of time.”

In February the developer of Mutant Mudds Deluxe confirmed that the game had shifted more units on Wii U than it had on both Steam and PSN combined, with the 3DS version performing even better.

Granted these are rare examples, but it is still proof nonetheless that success can be had for indies on Nintendo’s systems.

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