Analogue Pocket

Retro handheld Analogue Pocket to ship in May 2021

The retro handheld device Analogue Pocket is aiming to ship in May 2021, with pre-orders for the hardware opening on August 3rd, 2020. This is a delay of its original planned release window of 2020.

The news comes via a Tweet thread from Analogue, highlighting a number of changes and features to the device, including slight design changes to the device and its dock.

The Analogue Pocket is a retro handheld device with the ability to play original Gameboy cartridges. Out of the box, the device is compatible with the 2,780+ Game Boy, Game Boy Colour and Game Boy Advance game cartridge library. Through the use of cartridge adapters, the Analogue is also compatible with Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket Colour and Atari Lynx games.

The Analogue can also be used to make music, featuring a built-in audio workstation called Nanoloop, which is a synthesizer and a sequencer designed for music creation and live performance.

Additionally, developers can create their own games for the Analogue using GB Studio, which allows users to generate proprietary .pocket files with GB Studio and run them off an SD card.

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