Reynad: False MagicAmy accusations a huge setback for women in eSports

Tempo Storm’s Andrey ‘Reynad’ Yanyuk has lashed out at what he says are the baseless accusations levelled at one of his players, Hyerim ‘MagicAmy’ Lee.

Lee last week was accused of in fact not being a real individual and instead just a digital construct used by at least two people to compete in eSports.

However, GameSpot reports that Reynad has said that the accusations are without any truth, that Lee is most certainly real and that misogyny was the motivation of the attacks.

He claimed that a three day investigation unearthed absolutely fucking nothing”, adding that he regularly speaks to Lee on Skype and that the real reason for the accusations is that some members of the games community are "uncomfortable with the fact that a girl is much, much better at a video game than they are".

Added Reynad: "There is no evidence, ever, that somebody was playing for her. I’ve never been embarrassed to be a Hearthstone player, before last week. All of you should be fucking ashamed of yourselves. It’s probably the biggest setback to getting women in eSports that I can recall happening in the past year or two.

"So, basically you have [these Reddit] dipshits, none of which are reputable at all, who tell this really great story of a professional gamer girl who is having some guy play behind the scenes for her. And it’s a really exciting narrative, because if that story is true, it’s like the best scandal ever. So it absolutely blows up on Reddit.

"It turns into this giant witch-hunt. So this girl, who is a pretty good Hearthstone player, and made a lot of content for the community, and everyone really liked her, now her career is being scrutinized by Blizzard, by her team, by the entire community – everyone is convinced she’s a man.

"Because the Reddit scumbag community tries to tear down her reputation, she decides to quit Hearthstone. We didn’t even fire her, she just decided she doesn’t want to play anymore.”

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